Friday, July 17, 2009

Oliva "O" Coronas

Been smoking one of these a month for a little over a year, and have found them to be extremely reliable and lively cigars. The first few (spring/summer 08) exhibited leather, vanilla, Nicaraguan tang and some spice, which was followed up with caramel, Irish cream and cinnamon nuances. Throughout the fall and winter of '08, these cigars veered toward a pleasant, unique marshmallow & cashew affair mingled with dark tree fruits and berries, and they still managed to show the caramel, Irish cream and cinnamon backdrop during the finale of each smoke. This sweetness has been nudged aside in recent smokes, giving way to a buttery, citrus-y and effervescent quality that is quite wonderful--think of the fizz in Orangina, or extremely fresh pineapple juice that gets that nice foam on top when it is poured (NOT like what you get out of a Dole can). Also some hints of cherry cola emerging. Still some spice left in these cigars as the aging process continues. I have about ten left and I'm looking forward to each one. I've come to expect at least 3 defined flavor manifestations in these pieces, with haunting elements lingering throughout (the dark fruits I mentioned earlier, as well as citrus rind & truffle). Construction is wonderful in these elegant, nearly vein-free cigars and I've yet to encounter burn issues. Unfortunately, Oliva has told me they are unable to date their boxes, so getting an approximate age doesn't seem possible. Fortunately, these cigars have only been getting better. They're a slightly less aggressive alternative to the heavier-hitting/biting Nicaraguans, and these don't lose their charm as they age, which some of their brethren are often wont to do.

And, as I recall, this box cost me just under $100 at Leesburg Cigar & Pipe.

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